How do you do! How do you dance? What do you think!? – a ‘Beatbox’ advert for The Face

artist: Art Of Noise title: Beatbox format: The Face 1/2 pg advert design: XLZTT photography: n/a cat. no: ZTIS 108 date: 04/84 art of notes: Notice the ‘A’ masks don’t yet have faces, also the ‘into Battle’ cassette is mentioned.


  1. Alfonso

    Starting with Two Tribes adverts, a Beat Box advert is missing.
    It says “blessed ART the NOISE makers for they shall disrupt the balance”.

    • Kevin Foakes (Author)

      This is all I have Alfonso, there are some gaps, mainly with promo posters. If you know the magazine that the ad you mention is in it would be very helpful.

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