‘Baking No Moans About It’ – a ZTT advert from The Face

David Smart: “‘Baking No Moans About It’ – very Paul that one”

artist: Various title: Baking No Moans About It format: The Face 1pg advert design: XLZTT photography: n/a cat. no: ZTIS100 date: 10/83 art of notes: notice that it mentions ‘selected and edited by Trevor Horn and Paul Morley’ in relation to ‘Into Battle’.


  1. Ian

    Am loving this web site Mr. Strictly sir!

    I too obsessed on reading (and reading fruitless meaning into..) the sleeve notes on all the Frankie records back in the day – thanks for this public service :o)


  2. Matthew Lindsay

    Great website!
    I am currently writing Tom Watkins memoirs with him and I/we are desperately looking for information and material from the XL Designs era. Tom’s book is a n opportunity to document this vital aesthetic development in 80’s pop culture. Any contributions would be welcome. Please get in touch!

    All Best,
    Matthew Lindsay

    PS. We have a Sarm West brochure that you can have a copy of

    I am

  3. Kevin Foakes (Author)

    Hi Matthew
    Sorry for the late reply, I’m just getting back to the site after a long absence. Please forward your email (I can’t access it here for some reason) as I have a lot of info inc an lengthy email with David Smart.

    • Matthew Lindsay

      Thanks so much for the response. Hope it isn’t too late to get some assistance on XL Designs for the Tom watkins bio. . Please get in touch! mattlins77@hotmail.com

      All Best,

  4. Marcus Gray

    Having only just found this blog, I am making my way through it chronologically, and am thrilled to see that the Tom Watkins book mentioned here is to be published this year: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lets-Make-Lots-Money-Secrets/dp/0753541963

    • blättern:Stimmt gefiel mir auch besser. Habe aber ein Kotritibilatämsppoblem mit dem neuen Layout, darum musste ich das abschalten. Ist aber auf meiner ToDo-Liste…

    • Keep these articles coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

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