Frankie Goes To Hollywood ‘Two Tribes’ 7″ single

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Paul Morley: “‘Relax’ had been number one so it was quite late in the day. So I started putting together the promotional material if you like, to wind Trevor up, to motivate him, to get him to see…read more

Think Inside The Box – an ‘Inside The Pleasuredome’ advert

artist: Frankie Goes To Hollywood title: Inside The Pleasuredome format: web advert design: Openmind after XLZTT illustration: Lo Cole cat. no: ZTIS 314 date: 21/05/2014 art of notes: New ad in the old style of XLZTT for the…read more

Only Bullets Can Stop Them Now – a ‘Two Tribes’ Blitz advert

Paul Morley: “Because of Trevor’s inability to complete records on time it meant we were often advertising records that didn’t exist. ‘Two Tribes’ we advertised six months before it came out, beautiful full page ads with the face…read more