Propaganda ‘Dr Mabuse’ 7″ single (‘hand’)

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David Smart: “I always loved this one with the Anton Corbijn paintings and that logo with the sword. His photos were a gift really because, you know, you didn’t have to do very much. Strange things like putting…read more

‘A Thousand Ways To Miss The Bullseye’ – a ‘Dr Mabuse’ advert for The Face

David Smart: “I’ve kept that one because I had great fun doing that. Apart from that red there these are the colours of Refreshers. And I love the way that the (ZTT) logo is completely changed by putting…read more

‘Noise And Girls Come Out To Play’ – a ‘Dr Mabuse’ Blitz advert

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artist: Propaganda title: Dr Mabuse format: Blitz 1pg advert design: XLZTT photography: AJ Barratt cat. no: ZTAS2 date: 02/84 art of notes: possibly the only advert to feature Andreas Thein (RIP) as part of the group, see the…read more

‘Ban It, Burn It, Bait It…’ – a ‘Relax’ Record Mirror / NME advert

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Paul Morley: “At the time, I was battling with a guy called Dave Robinson who’d come from Stiff Records to run Island Records and I remember I’d done a ‘Relax’ ad and their art department had put a…read more