A Souvenir To Accompany ‘Welcome To The Pleasuredome’ – a No.1 advertorial

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There are lots of props, masks, horns, animals, even a small child, was this all your idea or the brief? Peter Ashworth: “Paul wanted lots of elements, I found all sorts of things in the props houses of…read more

Archival work for ‘Inside The Pleasuredome’

Another look behind the scenes at some work I’ve been doing on the Frankie Goes To Hollywood box set for the 30th anniversary edition of their ‘Welcome To The Pleasuredome’ album. Earlier this year I visited photographer Steve…read more

One January Friday – A case of mistaken identity with AJ Barratt Pt.2

  You did the Two Tribes video, which then ended up being on some of the sleeves (‘Two Tribes (Carnage)’ / ‘War (Hidden)’). I took stills, yeah What was the atmosphere like during the video shoot? Video shoots…read more